Bienvenue au Benin!

I can not actually believe we have been in Cotonou for 3 weeks already! Three weeks used to pass by in a very familiar routine of comforts back home. This place on the other hand is a revolving door of activity especially at the start of a field service. Change after more change followed by something … More Bienvenue au Benin!

One minute thirty two

I’ve never been filmed and nor had she. But there’s always a first time for everything. Those seven months in Madagascar where so rich with experiences, this was a story filled with many of those priceless moments. I’m going to throw a cliche or two around here, if that’s ok?… “life changing”, “challenging but rewarding”… … More One minute thirty two

The art of Flexibility

This is as much about collagen extensibility and muscle length as it is about the popular and attractive qualities of being ready-for-anything-with-a good attitude. It’s actually about travel. Travelling is all that the stuck-in-a-routine city lifer in me had imagined, and so much more. It involved a variety of beds from Sealy to stylish double decker … More The art of Flexibility