My goal is to raise  US $4,950.00 for the Benin field service. 

I first heard about Mercy ships 3 years ago after graduating and I was instantly drawn to being apart of this organization. I have a deep love for Africa and I loved the idea that I could use my profession to help in a very tangible way. I served for 7 months in Madagascar last year and am now in Benin in West Africa. The ship is scheduled to go to Cameroon from August 2017.

I feel strongly that I’ve been placed here for a great purpose and it is an honour to serve and learn in a community of international volunteers. I’d like to continue on this journey for as long as God has planned for me. I feel a definite calling to be apart of the work Mercy Ships is doing. I went through a difficult time in my first couple years out of school and it was then that I really felt God’s love and the hope and the healing that believing in Him brings. When there is nothing else, He gives us hope and loves us whole again. I know God has given me something special to be able to help bring hope and healing to others.

How can you be a part of Mercy Ships?
Your partnership through prayer, friendship and financial support is what makes this possible. I would not be able to do this without the much needed support of friends, family and sponsors. All who serve on board are volunteers and need to pay to serve on the ship. I need to raise US$ 450 per month to cover my crew fees, health insurance, travel costs and living expenses. This is a huge honour and I’d love to ask you to please join me in prayer and if you feel so, by donating toward my expenses. You can do this by clicking on the DONATE link below.

A one time gift or a monthly pledge is appreciated very much. Your gifts change lives and impact more people that it is possible to account for.

Please also feel free to email me on, I’d be happy to share more with you or answer any of your questions.

Thank you for partnering with me. May God bless and keep you!


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