à la prochaine

My time serving with Mercy Ships has come to an end and I want to thank you for your support throughout. It has been the greatest challenge and privilege to be a part of a unique and powerful mission like this. It has grown and strengthened me and taught me so much about God’s love, being open-minded, humility and about my strengths and weaknesses. It’s the richest journey I’ve been on and I am eternally grateful for the friends I’ve made on the ship. We share an incredible experience that unifies.

I am grateful to those who have supported me during my service on board and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these past 2 years a possibility. Your prayers, words of encouragement and financial donations not only supported me in my dreams but your kindness helped build better lives for the (mainly) children that I treated. I want to show you a couple photos of Maurinho, Valerie and Djazim; three beautiful Beninoise children who’ve I worked with.

16729562_10154337190431381_6700983331953024354_n (1)Figure 1: Valerie

16825739_10154348141036381_3251023897767363172_o.png (1) (1)Figure 2: Maurinho

Djazim waits on the dock for an appointment,Figure 3: Djazim was timid and always one step behind before surgery

Figure 3 & 4: During therapy and once arrived home Djazim is the happiest and most active little fighter! His papa is so proud of his son.

The full impact of this journey on me and on the hundreds of patients will only be seen and fully realized in the months and years to come. The investment will surely continue to pay off into the future.

In the coming weeks I will be spending time with friends in SA on the coast to debrief, rest and reflect on the past 2 years before moving forward and planning what lies ahead. I hope that your generosity and support would bring you many blessings in return.

Until next time…

Love Michelle


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